Finally sewing again

Finally, finally, after a whole week, I got to touch the sewing machine again. I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms. I made these:

They were made from this zipper tutorial and this tutorial.

The fabric I used was left over from this bag:

It is made from this pattern. I used one of my favorite lining fabrics and just about panicked when I realized I'd pretty much used up all I had. Spent a lot of time on the web tracking down more of it and, since it's an older fabric, I think I scored the last 2-1/2 yards there were. It's a big bag and I played with the pattern a bit to make a narrower version and came up with this:

There was enough fabric left over to make another one of these made from this pattern. I had a bit of fun with the lining fabric - courtesy of my daughter.
The bags were all made last week, I just didn't have time to photograph etc.


Katie B said...

Those are fabulous! The red material is such a eye catcher!

Anonymous said...

Don't you hate it when there's no more of something you like? I've been known to buy a lot more than I need just to make sure I have more.

I love the red bag, too!