Marin Headlands - again

More pictures of old military installations on the Marin Headlands, all discovered on visits to Rodeo Beach and thereabouts during the last month. Most of them a little hard to access. Especially the ones shown in the first pictures, we took the coastal walk last week and decided to climb a hill when the path sort of dead ended. Quite surprising to find so many falling down installations, most of them just small enough to hold one man and just about all of them very hard to access. I have no idea if there was easier access at the time they were in use, maybe ropes for handholds (because that would have been very helpful now).
The door into the hill is not hard to access, it's along the road leading to Battery Townley.
The last 3 pictures show Battery Townsley (again), this time from across another hill. That one is easier to get to, there's a road, but it's steep and I ended up with shin splints for almost a week. We were very surprised to see that there are actually two installations. We had only explored the one. I hope that doesn't mean I have to climb all the way up again.

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