Before & after

It seems that these days, it's either feast or famine as far as blogging is concerned.
Little Jerry went to the groomer yesterday and, since I was looking for a rather radical haircut for him (I got one earlier this week), I took before and after pictures.

He looks a bit dejected in the second after picture. I would, too, if anybody took off all my hair - I still have plenty in front, just not so much in back. Sort of like Jerry.


Anonymous said...

My hair was cut to about an inch all over, so the front is closer to his. The cutter kept asking if I was sure and I kept saying it would grow back!

abeadlady said...

When I was growing up, we had a shaggy poodle. In the summer Mom would cut her coat really short. She would hide under the bed for days. I think she was embarrassed.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

what a cutie! I am sure it is heaps cooler for him during the summer.