From the garden

From this - all from my garden - along with some fresh eggs courtesy of a friend, home baked bread and a few other ingredients (not homegrown or homemade) to a nice, simple dinner. The eggs, along with penne pasta, the herbs in the pictures and lots of parmesan turned into this. Easily enough for two meals. Lettuce and beans obviously were made into a salad. Unfortunately, I don't have any lemons ready to harvest right now, so those were store bought. The zest went into the frittata, the juice into the salad dressing.
Almost makes me look domestic, doesn't it? I'm not, really.


Anonymous said...

mmmmm. I have speltberry pilaf simmering on the stove.

Katie B said...

Wonderful !
We've been harvesting from our big crop of tomatoes.
Next year, maybe more veggie's !

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

everything tastes better with fresh herbs!

Beady Zoo said...

Oh, yummy, and your homegrown produce and herbs look great. We love frittatas, and had one planned for dinner last Thursday, but the 93F temp persuaded me not to turn the oven on after all. But I'll definitely save this recipe for cooler times.