Zipper week

This week, I've been working on zippers. I think, it's part of my scheme to try and avoid dealing with the etsy thingy.

This is how I used to do zippers - not terribly pretty, eh?

Then I found these:

Looks much better, works on a zipper of any length, but has limited applications.

Then I found this tutorial and used it to make this pouch. Actually, this is my fourth attempt at this method. I messed up in various ways on the others, usually by sewing crooked seams. I simply cannot sew straight to save my life. Just as well, I am hardly ever involved in life-or-death situations and none of them ever involve sewing.
Anyway, back to the zippers: Don't these ends look nice?

This morning , between waiting for the electricity to come back on and giving the dog a bath, I dug out a kit I had ordered from here quite a while ago and learned yet another method to insert zippers. This one requires that you use a zipper of the exact right length which isn't always convenient, but it does make for a really nice, clean looking top edge:

So, this was my week - mostly. I also hooked up and caught up with a few former classmates in Germany after several decades.
What did y'all do for fun? :-)


Anonymous said...

That's a lot of zippers! And you know what I did, because you read my LJ. :)

Katie B said...

You know Doris -- I can hear you, all the way over here in south Jersey, telling me to get the sewing machine OUT and fight with it.....