You'll never guess what I've been making

Of course, you'll be able to guess - more bags.
The yellow bag was made from this pattern. I've made two other bags from this pattern, obviously love it. This bag has a snap and
I'm still so new at inserting magnetic snaps that I take pictures at every occation.

The green bag was made from this tutorial and I think the tutorial is absolutely brilliant. The first time I've ever made a bag from start to finish in one day. And I procrastinated plenty (toenails got repainted, laundry got folded etc. etc.) It would have been done even faster is somebody hadn't sewn the wrong strap pieces together. But the bag was done by dinnertime on Saturday and I love it. It's perfect. I gave mine a bottom, because I have a thing about bag bottoms. I want to make more of them, many more and in time I will. Maybe I'll even go off now and pick out some fabric. Nevermind that I have a closet stuffed full, I had to go out yesterday and buy more. Heavier fabric, decorating weight, that way it doesn't need interfacing which I don't much like to work with. I realize it has its place and many bags need it, but, thankfully, not this one.


Anonymous said...

LOL More fabric! More fabric! You're going to be the BagLady. :)

Beady Zoo said...

Gorgeous yellow bag! but I really like the flowering herb bouquets in the green one.

More fabric?!?!?! Well, you can always sell fat quarters in your shop too!

abeadlady said...

Fabric can be as big an addiction as beads. Great looking bags!

Katie B said...

Now you are going to have to have storage places for your fabric too !

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Yes, Marilee! THE BagLady. When DH trades me in for a cheaper model and I get to live under the Third Street Bridge, all my stuff will be really nice bags :-)
Kathy, that greeen fabric was bought on a whim months ago and turned out to be just right!
And, yes, Arline, fabric is addicting, just like beads (and gemstones).
Katie, I have shelves for the fabric. Only problem is - they're kinda full.