Bridge Rail Foundation Newsletter

Here's a link to the latest newsletter from the Bridge Rail Foundation. I only now found it online, otherwise, I would have posted a link sooner - it appeared in my mailbox quite a while ago.
Anyway, it updates on what's been happening lately and shows a picture of a suicide barrier on the Grafton Bridge in New Zealand. I really like the looks of that one.

Just in case the above link doesn't work, here it is again:



Beady Zoo said...

Very interesting design on the Grafton Bridge in New Zealand. I also found the info from "across the pond" enlightening: "What does seem to work is limiting access to the means of suicide" (Irish Association of Suicidology); and the report of no suicides on the Grafton Bridge since new, improved barriers were installed in 2003 (after a five-fold increase in number & rate when a previous barrier was removed).

Thanks for sharing.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

I try to put up links to the newsletters whenever possible - my little contribution to suicide awareness, getting that barrier up etc. etc.
One of the co-designers of that barrier signed the previous petition we had up along with Richard Seiden.